Thursday, January 19, 2017

Madison Taipei (Taipei, TAIWAN) ❤❤❤❤

Everyone has been telling me that it takes a cool $4 million dollars (HKD) to raise a kid these days. So in order to save myself a few bucks to get my nugget through college, I decided against staying at W Taipei, our go-to hotel in Taipei on this trip. That was not an easy choice to make but since I had to pay for multiple rooms, it's more or less a no-brainer.

After spending a great deal of time checking out various boutique hotels in the city, I finally narrow it down to three, all of which in the Da'an District where most of my favorite cafes are located. And about a week before our trip, I got a surprisingly good deal for our 3-night stay at Madison Taipei that I jumped on quickly.

Madison Taipei is not really a household name when it comes to boutique hotels in Taipei. Some see it as a business traveler's hotel while others are reluctant to label it "boutique". But after seeing all the contemporary designs within their premise, I will be more than happy to confirm that it's one hell of a modern hotel that is suited for almost everyone (business, family, couple, you name it).

Let's start with their rooms first. We went with their Oasis Room (33 square metres) which is right in the middle of the pack in terms of price and size.

I really like the minimalist design. Simple but very comfortable.

The beds were very comfortable and most importantly (to me), the pillows were just about right (You would be very surprised how difficult it is to find a decent pillow in a hotel). The linens were soft and clean.

The bathroom followed the same contemporary design with a lot of wood and marble in there evoking a warm and inviting mood.

I have no clue how they manage to fit such a large bathing tub into the bathroom.

Breakfast was complimentary and I have to say, it's one of the many pleasant surprises here. I don't normally wake up for breakfast even when it comes free of charge but during our stay, I was motivated to wake up early for breakfast every morning. That tells you how good it was!

Madison Taipei is conveniently located in between Xinyi Anhe and Da'an station and it's within walking distance to most attractions including Taipei 101. I would definitely consider staying here again if I can find the same fabulous deal next time!

Price: $$
Address: No. 331, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taiwan
Closest Metro Station: Xinyi Anhe / Da'an
Tel: +886 2-7726-6699

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