Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BLT Steak (Hong Kong, CHINA) ★★★☆☆

First of all, a quick confession. I am not a steak lover, never been one to begin with so steakhouses are not exactly my favourite type of restaurants. However, having tried BLT Burger a couple of times, I am starting to slowly develop a certain degree of admiration towards the BLT family. I thought I should give its sister store, BLT Steak, a chance to enlighten my world.

It was a weeknight but you won't know it from the turn-out at the restaurant. The tables, partcularly those adjacent to the window were nearly packed. Luckily we have already made the request a table with window seat so no problem for us there.

Right after we placed our orders, our server brought along four pieces of bread that looked almost as big as Yorkshire puddings. Trust me they were huge.

Crab cake, 4/10
First up was something that was on the lighter side - crab cake. We were hoping for at least two pieces of crab cakes so we could share among the four of us but our wish did not come true.

Back to the taste for a moment...the crab cake was fried to a point where the crust was a bit hard on the outside. I think Watermark still has the best crabcake in Hong Kong, hands down.

Roasted kangaroo loin, 8/10
This was a easy choice for us. Roasted kangaroo loin was not something we see everyday on the menu we decided to jump on this rare opportunity.

The last time I had kangaroo was in Australia and it was an absolutely eye-opening kangaroo carpaccio dish that I still remembered very well (and kept drooling everytime I thought about it).

This dish instead was roasted kangaroo loin. The meat was cooked to medium rare allowing it to remain very juicy. Its very distinct taste and texture reminded me a bit of lamb.

Australian Wagyu beef (8oz), 6/10
We could not possibly claim to have dined here without trying one of the BLT steaks. Out of their many different types of steak, we decided to take on their Australian wagyu steak. As expected, it was very juicy and tender and the seasoning was almost perfect.

Lemon-rosemary chicken, 5/10
We could easily taste the vigor of lemon juice in the sauce and it meshed perfectly well with the rosemary, all of which absorbed nicely into the meat of the chicken. The portion however could have been a bit more generous as it only consisted of half of a small chicken. We had to literally fight for every bit and piece of that chicken.

Acacia Honey Marinated Alaskan Black Cod, 6/10
Having eaten so much meat all night, we decided to add something from the sea. We picked the black cod over a bunch of other fishes simply because of its naturally rich flavour and delicate texture. Acacia honey was outstanding in complimenting the cod fish but once again, the portion was a bit small for a main course.

It has been an enjoyable evening for us. Great harbour view, accompanied with good food and wonderful people. The only blemish was probably the size of the dishes. They were a bit small even for fine dining standard. Now, when I came to think about it, it kind of explained why they prepared the large-sized bread for us right before the meal.

Food Rating: 6/10
Price: $$$$
Address: Shop G62, Ground Floor, Ocean Terminal, Kowloon Hong Kong
Closest Metro Station: Tsim Sha Tsui