Monday, October 29, 2018

Chocolatier Masale (Sapporo, JAPAN) ★★★☆☆

We all learned from our mistakes one way or the other. Less than 6 years ago, we had the pleasure of visiting Chocolatier Masale, a chocolatier and French patisserie located at PASEO WEST for the first time. But instead of checking out their famous chocolate themed desserts, we made the mistake of trying a couple of their strawberry themed ones.

I am going to make sure we order the chocolate cakes that have made them famous since 1988. 

The dome shaped chocolate and coffee mousse cake was quite a dandy. The mousse was very delicate and I thought the chocolate and coffee flavors matched each other wonderfully well. 

The pyramid shaped hazelnut crunch was equally tasty. 

This time, they used the chocolate in a supporting role and it worked out beautifully.

Well, I think I have pretty much accomplished all I set out to do here in Sapporo. It's time to hit the road to Niseko.

Food Rating: 6/10
Price: ¥¥¥
Address: PASEO WEST 1/F, 1-7, Nishi 2, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0806 Japan
Closest Metro Station: Sapporo
Tel: +81 11-213-5610

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