Friday, April 6, 2018

The Final Home Game for the Sedins

Today is a very sad day for all Vancouver Canucks hockey fans. After 17 seasons, the (Sedin) Show is finally coming to an end and standing between it is just one final road game (in Edmonton).

Like most fans at Canucks nation, I grew up watching Pavel Bure while I was still learning about icing and two-line pass. We were so fortunate to have superstars like Bure and Naslund who carried a largely average team through two decades (Bure: 1991-98 and Naslund: 1995-2008). But the Sedin twins are different. While playing a less exciting brand of hockey, they dazzle the hockey world with their cycle game and dominate their opponents with their blind passes. Not only did they surpass 1,000 career points, something both Bure and Naslund failed to accomplish in their career, they have also come within a game of winning the team's first-ever Stanley Cup during the remarkable 2010-11 cup run.

Unlike Bure and Naslund, the Sedins will never put on another jersey finishing their remarkable career with the team that drafted them two decades ago. This is truly amazing in their day and age. Thank you for 17 great seasons, Daniel and Henrik! It's a shame we didn't win it all together but we had some great moments. And thank you Hockey gods, for drawing this up perfectly in their last home game with Daniel scoring the game winner and Henrik drawing the assist. It can't get any better than that. A perfect (fairy tale) ending indeed.

Everybody has been talking about the change of guard and how the baton has been quietly passed to Bo Horvat but check this out. When Daniel slowly walked past Brock, I thought I overheard him whispering a few words into the young rookie's ear, "It's your team now, kid.....".

So the Vegas game I was fortunate enough to watch when I was in Vegas in February (Thanks my best buddy, St Paul for the ticket!) turned out to be the last time I watched the twins play live.....

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