Saturday, March 3, 2018

1935 壹玖叁伍 (Hong Kong, CHINA) ★★★☆☆

After two weeks of non-stop western food in La-la-land (well, there was this one Chinese meal at Din Tai Fung.), we promised ourselves that we'd get a run of Chinese food when we come back to Hong Kong. We first kicked off our parade of Chinese cuisine this weekend at 1935 壹玖叁伍, a modern Chinese restaurant at M88 near Lan Kwai Fong.

As I stepped into 1935 壹玖叁伍, there was a sense of nostalgia of the Old Shanghai back in the French concession days (my recollection from old photos and movies). I immediately made an educated guess that it had to be a Shanghainese restaurant.

But I was wrong! It was actually a restaurant serving Sichuan cuisine with a bit of modern twist.

It was getting a little late for lunch (2:30pm) so we quickly ordered a few dishes to share among the three of us.

Crispy bean curd skin mille crepe (香酥軟枕) ($75) - A little like the Vegetarian Goose (素鵝) from Shanghainese cuisine but it was a better interpretation with layers of bean curd stacked up in the middle like a mille feuille. There's a slightly more crispy bean curd on the outside to give it a bit more texture. Very tasty.

Braised winter melon, conpoy, double boiled chicken stock (金絲和田玉) ($95) - A beautifully presented dish with scoops of braised winter melon dressed like a bunch of green grapes. The winter melon balls were really sweet and flavorful thanks to the double boiled chicken stock which was spot on without going over the top (some chicken broth tends to be a little too rich or sweet).

Judging from his smile, I'm guessing that my little nugget must be enjoying this dish a lot.

Fried king prawns, vermicelli, homemade mustard (白雲芥末蝦球) ($105) - Another dish that impressed me a lot with its design and execution. The king prawns were fried to absolute perfection and finished with some homemade mustard and a layer of crispy vermicelli.

Very delicious.

Fried mandarin fish, sweet and sour sauce (糖醋桂花魚) ($250) - Pretty nice balance of sweetness and acidity. Not bad.

Wok fried free range chicken, nuts, Sichuan dried chili (辣子雞) ($165) - I was a little worried about this dish when I placed the order but luckily it didn't show up with lots of dried chili like some of the ones I had before (actually you won't be able to see any chicken because they were all covered by a sea of dried red chili.). Both the free-range chicken and cashews were quite nice and tasty. Now, if I could get a bowl of steamed rice, it would be perfect!

Poached cabbage, superior soup (上湯娃娃菜) ($130) - Something nutritious to stay healthy after all the seafood and meat. 

This relatively new Sichuan restaurant in the heart of Central caught me a little by surprise with a number of these amazing dishes. I'm really interested in coming back to check out their week-day lunch which is comfortably priced at $168 per head.

Food Rating: 5.5/10
Price: $$$
Address: 19/F, M88, Wellington Place, 2-8 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Closest Metro Station: Central

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