Saturday, March 17, 2018

10 Shanghai 十里洋場 (Hong Kong, CHINA) ★★★☆☆

1957 & Company (company behind Paper Moon and Mango Tree) continued flexing their muscles in Causeway Bay this month. Having already launched Gonpachi and An Nam at Lee Garden, the hospitality group recently added a third restaurant to the mix with 10 Shanghai (十里洋場)

10 Shanghai is a stylish Shanghainese restaurant serving delicate Huaiyang cuisine with a modern twist.

The first thing I noticed about this place, without even touching the food menu, was the noise level in the dining hall. The tables were a little too close to one other and it was almost like sitting besides a bunch of high-performance speakers and subwoofers. I can really feel the sound waves bouncing off my body left and right.

But I have to admit, I like their food menu and there're a number of reasons behind. For one, it has pretty good coverage including snacks (3 pages on this section alone), seafood, soup, meat and poultry, vegetables, dim sum, rice and noodle, and dessert. Prices are pretty reasonable considering it's located in a prime location in Causeway Bay and last but not least, the contemporary twist on some of the classical dishes, it's a breath of fresh air.

Crispy bean curd roll with black truffle (黑松露脆皮上素鵝) ($98) - I have always been a big fan of crispy bean curd rolls, or vegetarian goose as it's often called. These were pretty nice and good work by the black truffle sauce to make them even more tasty.

Pan-fried Xiao Long Bao (鐵板灌湯小籠包) ($60) - I have had a lot of xiao long baos (Shanghainese pork dumplings) in my life but it was my very first thing having them on a frying pan. 

The wrappers were surprisingly thin (you won't be able to tell from the photos at all!) but the broth seemed to have evaporated from the heated pan. Just a little weird having xiao long bao without the delicious broth.

Sizzling steam-fried Shanghai pork buns (鐵板灌湯生煎包) ($64) - Much much better than the xiao long bao.

There's still a fair amount of broth inside the buns (which were delicious and pillowy) and the minced pork was so juicy. Pretty nice.

Golden glutinous rice cake (老上海粢飯糕) ($56) - Everyone was pushing for this dish so despite not being a fan of glutinous rice (unless it's a dessert), I decided not to put up a fight.

I like the presentation here but I was expecting something totally different, something that looks a little more like the traditional Shanghainese sticky rice rolls (those ones that go with soy milk) but with a crispy crust. But this turns out to be more like a woba (or rice crispies/鍋巴).

Shanghainese style stir-fried noodle (上海粗炒) ($108) - Pretty tasty and not as greasy as the ones from most traditional Shanghainese restaurants.

Stewed noodle with chicken (嫩雞煨麵) ($58) - This one was ordered for my little one.

I can tell the noodles were a little too soft (and soaky) but my little nugget had no complaints.

There were some hit-and-misses here and there but I thought the dim sums and snacks were quite nice. They've got to do something with the noise level though. It's supposed to be an upscale restaurant but it felt more like a cha chaan teng as we had to literally yell at each other to get our conversation going.

Food Rating: 5.5/10
Price: $$$
Address: Shop 101, Lee Garden Two, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Closest Metro Station: Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 2338-5500

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