Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lady M Cake Boutique Irvine (Los Angeles, USA) ★★★★☆

I was happy to end our stay in Los Angeles with visiting just a single cake shop (Bottega Louie) but obviously, Jelloman had other ideas. Being the caring hubby that I'm, I decided to drive her down to the Lady M Cake Boutique in Irvine and let her do a bit of damage there before we took off for Vegas the next day.

Before I made the trip down to Irvine, I did some homework online to make sure that the drive was worthwhile. As it turns out, Lady M USA offers a lot more flavors when it comes to their signature mille crepes series including coconut, passion fruit, citron, marron, red beans, chocolate and chocolate banana, all of which are not currently available in Hong Kong. Bingo!

They were definitely worth the effort.

But I guess I underestimated the popularity of Lady M in Irvine. By the time we arrived at 5pm, most of their cakes were already sold out with the exception of these ones.

So we were stuck with the ones we already had in Hong Kong, including their signature mille crepes (original flavor). 

As usual, very soft and pillowy.

Lady M Hong Kong stopped offering the Earl Grey mille crepes which used to be my personal favorite when they introduced the salted caramel flavor. 

Light pastry cream infused with classic French Earl Grey tea layered in between handmade crepes, garnished with an indulgent tea glaze, whole Earl Grey tea leaves and edible blue cornflowers. The more I have this, the more I miss it.....

Food Rating: 6.5/10
Price: $$$$
Address: 2967 Michelson Drive B, Irvine, CA 92612, USA
Tel: +1 323-825-8888
Website: www.ladym.com

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