Sunday, October 23, 2016

National Kitchen by Violet Oon (Singapore, SINGAPORE) ★★★★☆

I'm meeting my good friend Agent-I, who has made the move to the Lion City for greener pastures a few years ago for lunch this afternoon. Known for her spoiled taste buds, I know I'll be in very capable hands with her picking our lunch venue today.

National Kitchen by Violet Oon inside the National Gallery on St Andrews Road was the place she ended up picking for us. Chef Violet Oon has long been the ambassador of Singaporean cooking and is widely considered to be an authority on Asian cuisine, specializing in Nyonya food. I seriously believe this is going to be a nice way to kick off my culinary journey in the city.

Singapore island iced tea (SGD9) - After a long walk from my hotel, I needed something ice cold to cool myself off and this Singapore island iced tea looked to be the perfect cure. Featuring their own housemade gula melaka (or palm sugar) syrup, lemongrass and kaffir leaf, it's a pretty nice thirst quencher for the dog days of summer and awesome palate cleanser to get myself prepared for the meal.

Turmeric chicken wings (SGD13) - These are some seriously good deep-fried turmeric and lemongrass chicken wings served with a spicy chinchalok sambal. Oh I love deep fried wings. Just give me some any day. Unsurprisingly, these worked pretty well with the sambal sauce.

Sayur Lodeh (SGD13) - Mixed vegetables and tempeh in a mildly fragrant spiced coconut gravy. The medley of vegetables included stuff like green beans, carrots, bean curds and tofu. Surprisingly no potato (I'm a potato freak, ok!?). This is just perfect to go with the rice.

Cod in creamy laska sauce (SGD39) - Baked cod in a delectable creamy laska sauce drizzled with coriander pesto. Oh this is the highlight of the meal. No question about it. The cod fish had the perfect silky texture. Never imagine how well it would work with the creamy laska and coriander pesto but that combination was heavenly.

Roti jala with gula melaka and banana sauce (SGD10) - Still got room for just one dessert and Agent-I promptly asked for the traditional Nyonya laced pancake served with a gula melaka and banana coconut sauce. The palm sugar and banana coconut sauce was obviously the key here giving the pancake a great deal of flavors.

This is a very good way to explore Singaporean cooking without hitting the hawker centres. No wonder chef Violet Oon is considered somewhat of a national treasure when it comes to Peranakan cuisine.

Food Rating: 5.5/10
Price: $$$
Address: 1 St. Andrew’s Road, #02–01, National Gallery Singapore (City Hall Wing), Singapore
Closest Metro Station: City Hall
Tel: +65 9834-9935
Website: Link

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