Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jan Jan Kushikatsu (Hong Kong, CHINA) ★★★☆☆

I have been longing for some kushikastsu (fried skewers) for a while and now that my annual trip to Osaka has officially been cancelled, I can certainly focus on finding an alternative locally. Of course, local options for a good kushikastsu have always been limited over the years but I am counting on that the arrival of Jan Jan Kushikastsu to change that with a bang.

Honestly, I have not been to any of Jan Jan Kushikastsu's 12 outlets in Osaka and Tokyo before so I won't say I am familiar with their food menu. Yaekatsu (八重勝) is my go-to kushikastsu in Osaka and it would take something disastrous for me to drop them from my list. 

While Jan Jan has already opened doors to customers more than 2 months ago, it was only recently that they started serving lunch. However, it was nice to know that they are also serving their a la carte menu during lunch hours so with no further delay, I picked up the phone got myself a table. 

Starting things off for me was a trio of fried skewers, fried prawns ($25), chicken with shiso ($24) and lotus roots ($30) from left to right.

I thought the fried prawn was pretty nice and bouncy but the fried lotus root and chicken with shiso were not nearly as good as the ones I had in Osaka.

Next up were grilled skewers and there are really not that many choices here. We ordered the grilled beef ($39) and pork ($32) skewers and they were both alright although somewhat not as mouthwatering as those founds in your typical yakitori place. 

Dashimaki tamago ($52) was fluffy like my pillow. Not bad.

I have never been a fan of cold soba noodles and looks like I won't be changing my mind anytime soon. 

I was really pumped up for this meal so I was naturally disappointed with the lack of (pleasant) surprises. Perhaps I should re-consider that cancelled Osaka trip again. 

Food Rating: 4.5/10
Price: $$$
Address: 2/F, 100 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Closest Metro Station: Wanchai
Tel: +852 2157-1408

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