Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Night Market (Hong Kong, CHINA) ★★★☆☆

Friends keep telling me that going to Elements Mall's restaurants gives them chills because of all the heavy price tags. But the fact is, there are actually some decent restaurants out there with reasonable prices if you are willing to look a little closer. The Night Market is one of those examples, offering a food menu with nice variety of gourmet dishes and affordable prices.  

The Night Market is a modern Taiwanese dining eatery inspired by the unique flavors of Taipei’s street-food stalls. Apart from the traditional Taiwanese dishes such as three-cup chicken, traditional beef noodle soup and oyster pancake, the restaurant also incorporates some of the best local flavors (sweet and sour pork, beef with satay sauce, prawns with scrambled egg etc.) into the mix.

Winter melon flavored milk tea with taro and sweet potato balls | 雙圓冬瓜奶茶 ($38) - I had my share of Taiwanese style bubble teas in the past but this marked my first taste of the winter melon flavored milk tea. This is very light in flavors, as if it had very little or no tea in it. I like the taro and sweet potato balls though, giving the drink some much needed bite. Not bad.


Beef patty buns | 鮮汁牛肉餅 ($42) - A place in Kowloon City used to have the best beef patty buns a long time ago. The patty here was just OK but better was the beef soup. Warm and flavorful.

Three Cup chicken | 台式三杯雞 ($96) - It comes in a sizzling hot pot with a strong fragrance of exotic spices. I thought the chicken was meaty and tender. Still some room for improvement but nevertheless, a must-do dish here for the authentic Taiwanese experience.

Crispy squid and shrimp ball | 繡球花枝 ($78) - We all love our deep fried shrimp balls at the traditional Chinese banquets when we were little. This is a similar version of that, although the chef has mixed some squid into the fillings. Comes with a spicy dip. Pretty nice.

Bitter melon with salty egg crust | 咸蛋炸苦瓜 ($78) - People said bitter melon tastes better as you get older. Can't get any closer to the truth than that! I used to absolutely hate eating bitter melon but as I grow older, I am starting to like it, especially its unique texture. This version coated with salty egg yolk was very nice. The salty flavors from the egg yolk helped to offset the bitterness. Another plus dish right there.


Seafood stir-fried noodles | 台式海鮮炒麵 ($98) - One of the more disappointing dish of the night. The flavors were there, just not pleasing enough.

Wok fried mixed rice noodles | 新竹炒米粉 ($70) - Between the two noodles, everyone seemed to be raving about this one. There were a lot of ingredients in there including mushrooms, carrots, vermicelli, chicken and so on. The seasoning was minimal which was a good start but it was the texture that has put it over the top. This one's got my vote.


Food Rating: 5/10
Price: $$$
Address: Shop 1028A, 1/F, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Closest Metro Station: Kowloon Station
Tel: +852 2807-2292

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