Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I'm C Café (Seoul, SOUTH KOREA) ★★★☆☆

Like many people in Hong Kong, I was fascinated by I Cremeria's signature melon parfait when the famed ice cream parlor first opened. A tall ice cream parfait sitting on an open melon. How adorable!

Then one day our friend J told us about this place in Seoul where they offer something very similar but at a bargain price of around ₩19,000 (about half of what I Cremeria is currently charging). Since I am coming to Seoul this week, I thought I better come and try it out myself. 

This place is called I'm C Café and it's supposed to be a coffee shop but it turns out to be so much more.

Located on the basement level of "Nature Poem" (across the street from the House of Dior), I'm C Café is definitely not in the most eye catching of all places but somehow I managed to find it. 

Apart from the (honeydew) melon bingsu with soft serve ice-cream, they also have its twin brother - mango with soft serve ice-cream (₩17,000), which is another hot item around here (Everybody around us was having either one of these.).

I love cafés with a rustic and industrial feel. This is absolutely perfect!

Like I said, they are not a one-trick pony. They have waffles, cakes, tea and even milkshakes here! I didn't want more caffeine this afternoon so went with this cookie and cream milkshake instead. This was actually quite good. Very refreshing with a silky smooth texture.

This was what brought me here in the first place. Melon patbingsu with soft serve ice-cream. Inside the melon, there were melon balls (many many of them) and shaved ice. Perfect dessert for the summer!

Yes, her name is coffee but don't be fooled by the name coz there's a lot more here than just coffee.

Food Rating: 5/10
Price: ₩₩
Address: Address: 118-17 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Closest Metro Station: Apgujeong Rodeo / Cheongdam
Tel: +82 2511-5512

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